The nice thing about Florida is that it has game that can be hunted all year round. Wild boar and alligators are abundant in many parts of the state.

Florida is also home to the Osceola Turkey a must for anyone looking to complete the grand slam of Turkey hunting.

D & D Safaris represents outfitters with the ability to bring you just about any hunting or fishing opportunity Florida has to offer, from native Turkey and Deer to Wild boar and the exotics like Fallow Deer and the African Gemsbok.

All this is available within a two hour drive of Orlando and Tampa, we can arrange a shuttle for your party or you can drive yourself.

With the flexability of coming for a day of boar hunting or to stay a week in a beautiful two story log Ranch home and having everything looked after for you from licenses, game preparation and shipping to all meals and snacks.

Take a look at my Packages Page to see some of the options available in Florida, because there is more to Florida than Mickey Mouse.

Next time your in Florida take a couple of days to relax be treated like a King and try the Ultimate Swamp Safari.

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